We offer newborn, maternity, baby, and family photography services in Akron, Canton, Cleveland and all over Northeast Ohio. Your family will feel and look their best with the personalized styling and gorgeous Studio Wardrobe that can provide clothing options for mamas, dads, and children up to 5 years. Sessions are available outdoors from late April until mid October, and in the studio year round. The studio is located in Akron, Ohio, convenient for clients in Cleveland, Canton, Fairlawn, Medina, Wooster, and beyond.

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Frequently asked questions

Sessions can be reserved at any time, however the popular months of May through August and all Saturday dates tend to fill up 1-3 months in advance. To best accommodate your schedule and to allow for the full experience, please reserve your session as early as possible.

When should I schedule my Photography session?

The short answer is no, my design services are completely optional. However, I find that most clients are very overwhelmed at the prospect of designing wall art, sizing frames and mats, and self-designing albums that match the luxury look of their images. To receive the FULL experience, a design appointment where I can do the work for you is highly recommended. 

Do we have to come back for a Design and ordering Appointment?

Most of my Studio Wardrobe is extremely versatile and can accommodate mamas between size 0 and 16 with or without a baby bump and I am always adding new styles and sizes to the Wardrobe. I carry men's shirts in small through extra large, and clothing for babies and children from birth through age 5. If the Studio Wardrobe does not meet your needs, you will still receive personalized wardrobe planning services.

What sizes can you accommodate?

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